Universal Electronics

(Tview) in a remarkably short time , developed consumer electronics brands with the clear values of quality and
technology leadership. We have gained a strong reputation for high quality video products in the industry .
Every time we try to bring something new for our customers, we are committed to bring only the finest quality
of products to the mobile video market Offering a competitive price with high quality products , no surprise that
we have a very loyal crowing distribution ship base ,Keep in mind that competitive pricing and high quality
products are rare to find from our competitors.

Our vision is to help improve the quality of life of our customers by enabling information, entertainment and convenience to be delivered to them through our wide variety of products .

Our Product
Range includes Flip Down Monitors, Stand type Monitors, Headrest type Monitors, Sun Visor Monitors, Indash DVD Players, Antennas, Wireless Headphones, FM-Modulators and etc.In markets where we do not directly perform the above value added functions, we deliver the same via our well-headed distributors and wholesalers, thus ensuring a solid market share for the products we carry.

Our Mission
We are here to develop business relationships with companies that project the business in a positive light. We have dedicated ourselves to stocking more inventories, adding new product lines, and giving you; our customers the best deals we can offer.We focus on bringing excellent products at a wide range of prices. From entry level to high performance we offer some of the finest products on the market today.

Our Devication
To consumer satisfaction if fueled by our inherent belief that every consumer,s mobile video needs are parallel to our own needs.At Tview, We believe the keys to our success are an uncompromising commitment to product performance, quality and high performance product line. This drives us in everything we do.


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